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I know that the callings of God extend well beyond "fulltime" paid ministry positions. Most of us have a dual calling. We are called to minister as we go. And we are called to the ministry of our jobs. This blog is set apart for the purpose of encouraging fellow Christians who have been "called" into the creative arenas of life—authors, artists, musicians, dancers, film makers, and craftsmen. May the Lord fill you with ideas and instruction in your call to creativity. May He bless you with new ideas and wisdom.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

God doesn’t need Google—Confessions of an SEO Addict

OK, I’ll be the first to admit I have a problem. I’m a hopeless SEO addict. I spend hours most days making sure Google finds my site and shuttles me to that golden corner in the upper left hand portion of the browser screen. It’s all about being in the top three on page one, because all other pages are DEATH. I mean, who really looks on page 2, let alone the other one million pages?

Like most addictions, mine began with the small stuff —online directory placements. I found dozens and dozens of free directories and signed up. That’s because the name of the game is “get links into your site”. I signed up for a few ones anyone can get a listing with. Then I graduated to the social sites. They are all the rage. Well I think they are. Everyone is signing up for social sites. It’s like you don’t exist if you aren’t on Linkedin, Twitter, MySpace, or FaceBook.

Next came THE BLOG. The mantra became, “ If you don’t have a blog you don’t exist. Years ago while pulling an all-nighter on a design project, about 4:00 a.m. I turned on one of those late night television preachers. It was as if he knew not a soul was watching. All of a sudden he moved in very close to the camera and with all evangelical earnestness questioned, “Is ANYONE out there?” I think I was the ONLY one. Blogging is like that. One wonders, “If I write, will they come?” Sounds like that old philosophical question, “If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear it? If a tree falls will it make a sound if no one is there?”

And I read, endlessly digesting massive volumes of reports, white papers, and expert’s blogs. The source of these of course are the SEO conquerors. Those who have conquered the Search Bots or whatever they are. Those “experts” in this online world of change. The guys who abide in that golden corner of Google on Page one. Day after day, I read reports, gleaning new online marketing tips, checking my Google analytics, and basically Tweating hours of my life away.

I see that hand. And there’s one over there too. God bless you. Seems that some of you have the same addiction.

Fellow SEO addicts there is hope. Here’s the counsel—
Continue to be a student of good marketing, especially as the old methods are pushed aside by the new. But, for those who are His, listen up. Never allow the uncertainty of the times to yield ground to fear, anxiety, and apprehension. There is an answer to “If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear it?” The answer is —God hears. How much more will He care for those He loves. He who made the ear, hears you when you call. Trust in Him. Continue to commit your business to His loving care.

Here’s encouragement from an old song someone penned during my days at the Well in Austin— “I believe that God is able to do what I have asked Him to do. And if I will only trust Him, He will carry me through”.

©2009 Peter Lamb
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    encouragement i need to hear!

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